Do HGH Boosters Really Work?

If you’re wondering whether HGH boosters really work, first we have to define “HGH booster”. Is this an HGH injection? Or is it an HGH releaser? There’s a big difference.

A lot of doctors are injecting HGH in healthy people to restore their libido, muscles, and bone loss. It has become the latest anti-aging craze. This type of HGH booster is considered a prescription drug approved by the FDA to correct hormone levels in people who have a deficiency of it, and to slow down muscle wasting associated with certain diseases. HGH injections are not really supposed to be used for anti-aging purposes.

HGH injections can have some very negative side effects. In a six-month study of 131 older men and women, HGH injections did, in fact, give positive results. But half the men developed diabetes or other blood sugar problems and many of the women had edema (water retention).

Some supplement companies claim their HGH products increase blood levels of the hormone when taken orally or sprayed into the mouth. The truth is, swallowing HGH breaks the hormone down into amino acids that don’t give the same effect as injections. Whether HGH is in tablets, capsules, liquid, or spray, there aren’t any good studies I could find that show they work.

On the other hand, an HGH “releaser” does not actually contain any HGH. Instead, it contains various natural ingredients that “tell” your body to make more of its own human growth hormone. This method is not only effective, but it’s totally safe. There are no side effects associated with HGH releasers.

Using a quality HGH releaser increases HGH levels organically. These are not prescription medications or dangerous injections.

I recommend an HGH releaser called GenF20 Plus. This product has been around for a few years and is increasingly popular with customers who want a safe yet effective way to boost HGH levels.

As more and more people realize that injecting HGH into their bodies can lead to major health problems, they are turning to HGH releasers instead. For example, GenF20 Plus is now one of the bestselling products manufactured by Leading Edge Health, an online health store known for making innovative products that are natural and safe to use.

This company gets an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and has existed for nearly two decades. They offer money-back guarantees on all their products and have great customer service.

Scientific studies show that GenF20 Plus really works. And you won’t experience any kind of side effects with this product because it only contains 100% natural ingredients like amino acids, minerals, and herbs.

There are many repeat customers for this product, so it works for most people. It should work for you too. But if you don’t like it, for whatever reason, you can easily get a refund. The manufacturer is very honest and reliable when it comes to refunding money.

Give GenF20 Plus a try—I’m willing to bet you’ll love this product as much as other customer do!