I graduated from Dartmouth College and received my post-graduate degree in dietetics from the University of Colorado. I also work with a board-certified physician and have experience as a medical consultant for people suffering from bariatric surgery.

This site has been created by me to provide readers with an overview and description of the anti-aging product called GenF20 Plus.

I’m interested in natural health products for men and women, particularly anti-aging products. Are these products legitimate? Do they really work? Are they safe?

There’s been some confusion regarding human growth hormone supplements that I hope to clear up in this review. GenF20 Plus does not actually contain HGH. The ingredients in this product stimulate the human body into producing more of its own, natural, HGH. This is far preferable to expensive and dangerous injections containing actual human growth hormone.

I hope that the reader will fully understand what GenF20 Plus is and can make an informed decision about trying it out after reading my product review.

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